Why you should Go See Schitt

Hello world! My name is Amber Gosney, and this is my very first blog that I am actually going to publish. I have written many others and delete them all out of fear and judgement, but through my travels, I have gained courage to go for it.


This will be a place I share all my experiences of traveling and anything on the go. I love to explore Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. There is something about red rocks that just fuel my soul.

I am a type A, hyper, hippie chick with a gypsy soul (if you figure that one out…let me know) that loves to Go See Schitt. If I could, I would live in a different place every 30 days. Maybe one day that will become our reality, but for now we will pretend to be full time gypsies traveling to all places that explode with adventure.

I am not a technical writer by any means. I write how I talk, and it is what it is. Sharing my experiences with others bring me great joy. Everyone should experience what travel does for you. It can be motivating, thrilling, stressful, and even scary sometimes, but all of those feelings bring your life meaningful experiences. Follow along for some colorful traveling that hopefully inspires you to find your own rainbow….who knows maybe you will find gold.

Traveling gives you perspective, it gives you knowledge, it gives you courage and much more. I will show you how to find your “why” through travel. It unlocks way more than you could ever imagine.

I will leave this intro blog with one of my favorite quotes that I heard from a great friend of mine.

Don’t talk about it, Be about it!

J. Martini

Go See Schitt

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